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WebApp – Issuu iPad BETA

13. December 2011

What’s the fuzz?

  • It’s about reading/paging PDF documents in a webbrowser on the iPad.
  • For other platforms, this is usually done via Flash. But flash doesn’t work in iPads browser.
  • So the publishers are coming up with new solutions, based on HTML5.
  • To put it the simple way: Convert the PDF to HTML. Maybe with a little help from SVG?

History (as far, as I’m aware. Might be wrong)

  • In 2010 (?) Issuu created a native app  for the iPad
    • Apple did not allow it in the Appstore
    • Why? Maybe it interfered with Apples iBook app.
  • 12/2011 Issuu created a webApp: Issuu iPad BETA
    • Apple has no control over this.
    • WebApps are “normal” Websites, optimized for the iPad/iPhone.

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