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How to turn off the “Prevent page from creating additional dialogs”?

18. April 2012


The firefox browser displays “[x] Prevent page from creating additional dialogs” in javascript alert() and confirm() dialogs.


  • This is a new feature in version 4.x of the firefox browser
  • Purpose: Prevent endless loops of alert-dialogs from locking the browser.

Solution for webdesigners

  • There is none.
  • This feature is hardcoded in the Browser software.
  • It cannot be disabled programmatically by javascript.

Solution for users

  • Start Firefox, and type about:config in the url bar. Firefox will show the preferences screen. Please take care not to make changes at random.
  • Right click in the preferences area, and choose New > Integer from the popup menu.
  • In the dialog box that now appears, enter dom.successive_dialog_time_limit, followed by the value 0 (zero). Press OK.


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